Ways of applying for a job

Companies still like to keep it traditional when advertising vacancies whereas others find new ways for applicants to impress before the interview stage; there are many different ways available to you on how to apply for a job.


Easy and convenient through the company website; clicking send/submit when completed. Some companies even allow you to save what you have done and complete it later!


Electronically completing an application form on your device and attaching it by email or through the company website. You also have the option to print out the application form and posting it to the employer.


Simply writing a CV with an added Cover Letter and attaching it as an email to the employer, uploading your CV on the company website, posting or handing it in-person are good ways of applying for a job and asserting your interests in the company!

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Some companies give you the opportunity to create your own personal profile on their website or on job websites where they can go back to if a relevant position arises matching your interests. This also gives you the chance to regularly update or change any information on your profile page with less hassle.


Some employers are now asking for Video CVs. A presentation of yourself describing your skills and experiences on a short video is another great and dynamic way to stand out from other applicants. Even creating a YouTube video and providing links on your application forms/CV/profile page is also a great way of gaining attention.

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