Video CV’s

If the employer allows, it can be a great idea to do a Video CV. This is the new modern and dynamic way of employers screening the right candidates before the initial interview stage.

A video CV is a great way for employers to see the best version of yourself. Your presentation skills and personality are more than what is written on a paper CV. This is the opportunity for you express who you are, and what you can bring to the table. SELL YOURSELF!


  • Dress presentable, according to role you are applying for- does your outfit look too casual or is too distracting? Don’t forget the way you present yourself speaks a lot. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.
  • Simple things like getting a haircut, shaving or making your beard look neat, makeup (less=more), and manicured nails can make all the difference.


  • You want the employer to see you in your best lighting. Move to an area in your home or office that has good lighting but is not blinding.
  • Is your background or surrounding too messy- is there too much clutter? Put things in place or remove them for the time being, tidy up and if necessary clean the area you will be video recording; you don’t want the employer to be distracted by other things than you.
  • The quality of your camera and microphone- you must make sure your microphone is clear and the imagining is sharp.
  • Video Editing is also a great idea- switching between screens and having words pop up on the screen as you speak is very capturing.


  • Be concise and to the point- remember you will only have about a minute to grab and impress so make sure the first words are captivating.
  • Don’t forget not to have your eyes and words appear scripted. Bullet key points, have them enlarged behind the camera so you have a guide- maximum of five short bullet points, this is to stop you from constantly looking away at the camera. Listing generic points are boring and BORING!!! What makes you stand out from other applicants, what is unique about you? Examples:
      • Life experiences- have you travelled, different backgrounds and people, interactions with different cultures?
      • Do you speak different languages
      • Do you have a blog or a website
      • Relevant experiences or transferable skills you can apply to this role
      • Have you made financial turnarounds in previous employments, improved the working environment?
      • Have you received great feedback from previous employers, customers, clients?
      • Do you have any awards or certificates, any courses, good grades or certificates that will impress the employer
      • What are your work ethics? Are you proactive, motivated, and have a great attitude and your values?
  • Take your time and don’t speak too fast- blabbering your words can be a put off for employers.
  • Practice what you will say before you shoot your video. Don’t have papers of what to say in front of you! I cannot stress how important it is to practice:
      • In front of the mirror
      • Do a few practice takes on your camera, go back on them and see what you can improve
      • Ask a family member or friends to sit with you and give you feedback


  • Eye contact- Don’t let your eyes wonder from the camera
  • Posture- Your body language can portray your confidence; no slouching or constantly moving about on the chair. Use a seating area you will be most comfortable in, this will aid to relax your body as well as give you a straight back.
  • SMILE!!!

Feel free to click on the links of some examples of CREATIVE VCV’s all relating the roles they were applying for. Bear in mind how different each video is and the audience they are capturing. How will you judge each video? :